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Employer - Property Shop Investment
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Job Title: Recruiter Cum HR Executive Job Type: Permanent Closing Date: February 29, 2020 Number of Positions: 1 Age Range: 28 - 35 Job Post Link: Job Description:
Recruiter Cum HR Executive with the ability to develop recruitment strategies to meet the objectives of Property Shop Investment. As part of a Human Resources team, recruiters (also known as corporate recruiters and internal recruiters) are responsible for leading the staffing efforts of Property Shop Investment and building a strong workforce that adds to the company’s bottom line. These highly skilled and often equally highly educated HR professionals possess knowledge of employment and have a deep understanding of the organization and its staffing needs, and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Key responsibilities and duties within Job Specific Competencies
Expectation as per PSI:
Achieves staffing objectives by recruiting and evaluating job candidates; advising managers
Establishes recruiting requirements by studying organization plans and objectives and meeting with managers to discuss needs
Builds applicant sources by researching and contacting consultancy agencies, getting quotation from Job Sites providing organization information and opportunities that are upcoming from PSI
Determines applicant requirements by studying job description and job qualifications
Attracts applicants by placing job advertisements, using newsgroups and job sites
Determines applicant qualifications by interviewing applicants, analyzing responses, verifying references, and comparing qualifications to job requirements
Arranges management interviews by coordinating schedules; escorting applicant to interviews
Interviewing and assessing prospective applicants and matching them with vacancies at PSI and its sister companies
Evaluates applicants by discussing job requirements and applicant qualifications with managers and interviewing applicants on a consistent set of qualifications
Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks
To Adhere Time to hire strategy, the time between when a candidate enters an ATS (Application Tracking System) to when they receive an offer
Experience with different interview formats, like in-person interviews, group interviews, and phone screening calls
Ability to plan and manage initial hiring stages (e.g. job posting, networking, sourcing, screening and interviewing)
Proficiency in English, Strong verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills
Exceptional time-management and organizational skills
Solid ability to conduct different types of interviews (structured, competency-based, stress, etc.)
Ability to organize skills assessment centers (in tray activities, work samples, psychometric and IQ/EQ tests, etc)
Familiarity with HR databases, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Candidate Management Systems (CMS)
Hands-on experience with recruiting software, as well as Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)
Customer Services Skills:
Ensure professional communication with PSI clients by presenting PSI in the best image
Exceed PSI expectations by providing the best approach in meeting PSI needs and requirements
Abide by PSI code of conduct by appearing formal, elegant, and being professional all the time

Location - UAE
Date Posted - 19 Feb 2020
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